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I discovered my Lululemon yoga mat makes a great GREEN backdrop for a photo!

Today I want to do a product review. I purchased these Ezekiel Whole Grain Tortillas last week as a reward for my early rising challenge. The challenge is still going well- I have been getting up between 6-6:20am, with a few slip-ups here and there when I need more sleep. I’m not sure if I will be able to break into the 5’s like I hoped, but I am happy with around 6 anyways.

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I was really excited to try these as I have been wondering about them for over a year now.

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I had the wrap with a delicious quinoa mixture- 1 cup quinoa, 2 heaping tablespoons hummus, ground pepper, and 1 tablespoon tomato paste. Very delicious! On a bed of baby spinach.

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I was a bit disappointed with these wraps because they are quite tough. I was expecting a soft tortilla but these were not soft. They don’t taste bad, but I would prefer to spend my dough on other dough…

I definitely prefer the Ezekiel bread to these. The bread seems more filling to me, even though it is about the same number of calories. Maybe it is because I toast the bread.

Someone mentioned that the Ezekiel English muffins are really good so I think I will try those next!

Celery is like air to me. Very fun to crunch though. That is one thing I love about veggies…so. much. chewing. IMG 0292 thumb   Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.

I also made a fun discovery with my tea.

I rarely drink black tea lately, but I used to drink it all the time. Eric drinks it a lot so he has got me drinking some decaf at night time again. I wanted a creamy tea so I tried adding coconut milk. I put about 3 tablespoons of coconut milk into my tea. At first I wasn’t sure about the taste, but as I drank it I really enjoyed it. The tea was so creamy and rich tasting! A definite keeper.

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Nothing like a hot cuppa tea on a cold winter’s night…


This was a question I posed on Twitter tonight and I got some interesting responses:

“For all the ladies out there who want children- do you have a certain age that you want to have your first by?”

I would also like to ask: For those of you who already have children please share your thoughts on your own experience! Did you have them early enough, too late, just right?

Or have you decided that you don’t want to have children?

Any MEN out there who want to chime in?  (I’d pretty much die happy if one did…)

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Meghan@traveleatlove February 2, 2010

Great question! I will be curious to see the responses. I am almost 30 and not sure I want children yet!


Laurie February 2, 2010

We have 4 kids I am SO GLAD that we started our family when we were young. I had my first baby at age 23 and my last at age 31. Raising kids takes a ton of energy and is so much fun but now that my youngest just turned 18 and will graduate from high school, I’m really looking forward to this next phase of our lives. So many people put off having a family because they think that life as a couple sort of stops when the kids come. As we were raising our family, we lived in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have always enjoyed traveling as a family and have been to over 100 countries. I’m so glad we didn’t wait until later in life to do all of that and we have created memories for our family that have made us all really close.


Lindsay February 3, 2010

I’m currently almost 23, and I would like to have kids by around 27. I definitely would like to start before 30. I’d better work on finding an amazing daddy for them first though!


GlowingBIL February 3, 2010

Since this will help you die a happy lady I’ll chime in on the children :)

Our first child is almost 2 and my wife had her just weeks before she turned 30 (and I was 32). We’re delighted we had a few years together first to enjoy each others company before life changed so much. Having children is certainly life changing , stressful and hard work – but oh so rewarding and brings so much joy into our lives. We have two children now 16 months apart and while I think a few more months between them would have been easier on us we can’t wait for them to start playing together (our oldest already performs for our 7 month old to get him to giggle and laugh). We’ve also been able to travel overseas and down south with our first little one, go camping, play in volleyball tournaments and keep enjoying things we like to do!


Leilani February 3, 2010

I had my first gorgeous baby girl at 22 and I was a single mom, the next one at 37 (married for 6 years) so I now have an 18 and 3 year old :)))I can’t even begin to explain how fierce my love is for them. I find that I am much more calmer this second time. I now really take the time to get down on my knees and see the world through this little ones eyes, so to speak. I think when you are younger, you don’t get life like you do when your older. The 18 year old is my super duper best friend and honestly so is this little one. I am also married to the most AMAZING man and having a baby with him was the best thing ever so I really think you should be solid and grounded in a marriage and then have your babies the way God intended. It is the most beautiful thing ever. My advice, do everything you want to do alone together FIRST…. and then bring your little ones in the world cause they really do change everything! oh but in the most sweetest way:)))) I wish I was a little younger I would have one more.(I know people have babies at 40 but I am afraid to) otherwise another would be on the way.


Brandi G. February 3, 2010

When I was growing up, I wanted to have all my kids by the time I was 25. I got married at 23, had my first at 26 and my second at 30. I think that ages worked out perfectly! I had time to “sow my wild oats” and get all that out of my system but I’m still young enough to get down on the floor and play with them and keep up with all their activities.


Lauren February 2, 2010

I agree that the Ezekiel wraps are not so good, but the english muffins are great… especially the raisin cinnamon ones!

As for your question regarding children… I had my (2 yr old) son at age 34 and I wouldn’t change a thing. I was financially secure and emotionally ready and my hubby and I got to enjoy our 20′s (and almost half of our 30′s) together, travelling, building our careers, etc. However I really think it was tougher physically than if I had done it sooner. That being said I’m super happy with my choice and my advice is to follow your own instincts… they’re always right :-)


Suzanne February 3, 2010

Lauren, I had my daughter at the age of 34 and absolutely agree that is was perfect timing. We had traveled, we had party-ed and we felt ready to start a family. It’s certainly tougher physically as now I need to new hips (I’m 38)! But my daughter is so much fun!


Jocelyn February 2, 2010

Hey girl..the thought of kids scurrrrs me right now..(I’m 22)

But..I’d love to have kids before my 30s..my cousins are all in the baby making stages of their lives right now..(all between 27-30) … I work at a non profit centre and a lot of moms come in and tell me stories and give me advice…they have all basically said to have my babies as young as possible..lol (I think they mean still in my 20′s..once I’m married) I guess it just gets harder as you get older..on the body and your patience! lol Will love to read these answers!


Liz February 2, 2010

I would like to start thinking about kids around 27 or 28 but I’d ultimately like to have my first child by 30 at the latest. oh yeah, and for reference, I am 22 (almost 23!) now.


Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) February 2, 2010

I don’t want children. Being a parent is just not something that I want to do…and my life plans/goals/dreams don’t include kids. I’m in the minority, I know, but it is what it is!

That said, many of my friends have had kids at different ages, and it seems to be a completely individual thing. When one of my best friends got married at 18 and pregnant immediately afterward I thought she was crazy. Fast forward 5 years and she has 3 kids, loves her husband, and wouldn’t trade the life she has now for anything. You just have to follow your gut, I suppose!


Chantal February 3, 2010

Ditto! And thanks for making the comment. I think there is a lot of pressure for women to have kids, and women never stop to think about whether they actually want them or should even have them at all. Sometimes, we might just not want children, some (including myself) don’t do it for environmental reasons (overpopulation is one of our biggest global challenges), and a number of other reasons from the ethical to the purely personal. That being said, I’m in a totally loving and passionate relationship and my hubby and I have been together for almost 4 years now and it’s still like day 1!


Sofi February 3, 2010

Like Chantal and Vanessa, I do not want to have children. In fact, I never wanted to have children. When I was a teen, my reasons for not wanting children were attached to the responsibility but now I take into consideration economic factors, the environment (like Vanessa), and especially my career.

Last year I married my best friend of 7 years and we had always been on common ground about the subject of children. At first, my mother expressed some disappointment about our decision but she understands and holds no resentment. The mother-in-law is different though and I believe that she is unhappy with our decision. It is apparent that she has misinterpreted our decision as a couple as my own dislike of children, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I do love children and teens but I do not have the desire to raise them myself.


Jennifer @ His N' Her Health February 2, 2010

The Ezekiel english muffins are amazing. Especially toasted with Almond butter on top. I have one just about every morning! I don’t want kids but the Fiance does so who knows what will happen but I don’t see it in my near future… Like more than 5 years from now.


Huckdoll February 2, 2010

I had twin girls at 25. Way too early for two babies in my opinion, but that was my fate and I love it now that I have the hang of it! Instant family. A single would have probably been a lot easier at that age and yes, being so young and having a complete family of four was really hard in almost every aspect for the first three years.


Lindsay February 2, 2010

At first I didn’t want kids. Then my sister had a baby and something inside happened! 2 months later I conceived my son. Then after a tough pregnancy, horrible healing and some PPD I thought I was done. But the big man upstairs had a different plan for me and I was blessed with another girl.

I think I had my first child at a perfect age, I was 27, my husband and I had been married for 5 years and had time to enjoy each other before things changed.


Izzibee February 2, 2010

I had my little dude 2 weeks before my 30th birthday and no regrets. I think I did everything I felt I needed to do and gained the life experience to know what type of role model I want to be for my little guy.


Kristin (whimsyville) February 2, 2010

I just turned 30. I used to think that everything had to be said and done by 30… but I’m nowhere near having (or wanting) kidlets quite yet. Maybe in a year or two?


Julie Boyer February 2, 2010

First, I agree about the wraps. Second – I LOVE Fontaine Sante products. My favs- bean salad and hummus. I get them at Costco for really cheap – this week on sale for $3.49 for two hummus – big container.

Quick question – what brand of quinoa do you use?

As for the question – I am just married, just turned 34 – so the perfect age of 30 is long past. I have many friends who have been really blessed with kids at 40 and beyond, so I am not too concerned. I know I’ll get pregnant at exactly the right time.


Sarah @ The Foodie Diaries February 2, 2010

I was disappointed with the ezekiel tortillas, too. Especially because I adore their bread!


Katie (Sweet Tater) February 2, 2010

at first glance that quinoa in the wrap toootally looks like a chicken finger! haha.

i always kind of thought 28 would be a good age to start, but i’m getting kind of close. so now i guess i don’t have a calendar limit on when i want to have kids. i suppose i just hope for it to be the right time (financially, emotionally, etc.) and that the baby would be healthy.


Sarah February 2, 2010

This question comes at a perfect time for me. I have always known that I really wanted children, but I had set 30 as my “deadline” for my first. I hadn’t realized how quickly those 20′s would go by! Right now, I’m sitting here in the first half of my 29th year, wrestling with the fact that if I do have them, it won’t be by my deadline, and it may not be at all, whether I like that fact or not. We have been trying for nearly a year now, and every friend’s announcement, at this point, is like taking a bullet. I know that I’m being selfish, and I really am happy for them, but at the same time, it brings back up that fear that I may have waited too long and not end up able to have any. I don’t feel like there’s one “age” that it has to be for everyone, but for myself, I really felt like late 20′s would be a good time. I know a lot of people start earlier, and I’ve always thought that if you feel ready earlier, go for it, but for some of us, we don’t know who we are at that point, and we’re still finishing up school or whatever. I felt like by the time I was in the last half of my 20′s, I had a pretty good idea of who I was and I feel like I’m ready to be a parent. But I think it’s very much an individual thing.


Mara @ What's for Dinner? February 2, 2010

Originally I used to say by 30. But that’s not realistic anymore with Adam back in school, so we’ll start trying right around when I turn 31… which is only 2 years away!


Charity February 2, 2010

Childless by choice here. I’m 38 and my husband is 36, and we’ve been married for 4 years. :)


Edan February 3, 2010

Then, you’re childfree, not childless! ; )


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg February 2, 2010

I really like those wraps! I heat mine under a damp paper towel in the microwave for about 15 seconds– it really softens them up!


Lisa (bakebikeblog) February 2, 2010

I would love to have babies by 30 :) I think I am running out of time oops!!!!


Jenna @ Health and Happiness February 2, 2010

I just bought Ezekiel sprouted tortillas last night when the crew decided to do Mexican for dinner. (and decided to something different than my regular whole wheat) I have to agree that I was a little disappointed as well. They are very tough, even after heating and don’t roll well. The Ezekiel bread is so good though, especially toasted! I just picked up the sesame variety! I’m loving the yoga mat backdrop!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) February 2, 2010

The Ezekiel english muffins are AMAAAAAAAZING!!! Especially the cinnamon raisin ones. I crave those bad boys day and night. I love them with almond butter and banana slices.

Yagottatryem! Perhaps try microwaving the wraps with a wet paper towel wrapped around them so they soften a bit.

I used to think 25-27 but I’m starting to think 30+…seeing as how there is no one to make them babies with at this point!!


Paul R. Giunta February 2, 2010

In the next couple of years is the plan.


Ameena February 2, 2010

I already have a 4-year-old but I totally wanted one before I was 30…and I had her when I was 29 so it worked out perfect!


Eve February 2, 2010

I love coconut milk in my tea, especially chai tea! I’m reasonably sure I want kids, and I know that if I have ‘em, I want to be young! Maybe in the next five years? – that puts me in at before 25. So many people waitwaitwait these days (including my mom!- and although she’s still doing great, she is definitely getting on…), but I’ve always been keen on being a younger mom.


Lindsey @ Sound Eats February 2, 2010

This is so interesting to me, because I got married at 21 and right around that time I was thinking of kids in 4-5 years. Now, a couple years later, and I keep realizing more and more that I’m ok with waiting longer. I wonder if many women find this when they age?

(Totally not saying you will though, my old best friend always wanted a ton of kids and to start young, and she and her husband just had their first baby and she’s 23!)


Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat) February 2, 2010

I don’t want to put a concrete date on things, especially since I’m currently single, but I think 30 would be ideal. Young enough to be an active mom, old enough to have thoroughly enjoyed my pre-child years.


ErikA February 2, 2010

I chose not to have children – I have always felt this way even as a young girl. I think kids are great and I am great with them, but motherhood is not something I strived for and I feel that society looks down on women that chose not to have children. I have heard oh you just haven’t found the right man or such other comments, some very insulting to say the least. I think that not bringing a child into the world is not the worst thing a woman can do. I do think though that 30 or 31 is a great time for a child – you are still young enough to keep up with them but old enough to have a good head on your shoulders to raise them.


Sarah @ See Sarah Eat February 2, 2010

What a neat discussion! I’m thrilled to see so many ladies are in the same boat as me.

I’m getting ready to turn 28 and my husband and I have been married for 5 years in July. In some ways I thought we’d have one child by now but I’m so glad we didn’t.

We struggled to pay off bills and learn how to live with each other those first few years but now we’re in a great place. So any day now would be good, seriously. Preferably having the first one by 30, because I want a few ;-)


Anna February 2, 2010

My mom and my grandmother both had their first kid at 32 so I always figured that would be the age for me. My husband comes from a “kids at 20″ family. It’s interesting thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of kids at the various ages. I think I started being ready at 26, but then there was the question of when our relationship would be ready – so now we’re looking at the next year – so probably 29 when we actually have our first. I have a friend who had her first at 20 as she finished up college and thrived on it (second during grad school). It’s really one of those things that works for each person differently. My parents were among the older parents when I was growing up (they were 38 when I was born), but now I’d say that since more people are waiting until their 30s that probably won’t be as true.


Naomi February 2, 2010

Hi Angela :)

I had my daughter at 21 (then separated from my partner a few years later). I’m 29 now and settled with a new man but neither of us are sure that we even want anymore kids. It’s sort of nice now that my daughter’s old enough to look after herself a bit.

Physically I don’t feel too much different at 29 than I did at 21 although I had a super easy pregnancy and birth (according to the midwives – it didn’t feel easy!).


Daryl February 2, 2010

Laugh – just missed being the first guy to respond. As I’m 30 now in the next 3-6 years would be ideal; that seems several years later than I would have said a few years ago.

An interesting follow-up for women – if you qualified for the Boston Marathon (or similar racing accomplishment) would you delay having kids, by up to about a year so you could run the race? Guys (if you could actually have a child)?


RhodeyGirl February 2, 2010

My husband and I were considering waiting to try until I have the chance to run my first full marathon. We haven’t decided what to do just yet, as we are not ready to start growing our family just yet, but I find it funny that running is affecting our decision


shelly February 2, 2010

No because I think that training for a marathon would be a great way to get back in the habit of running after a pregnacy. Also, my timing situation is going to be tricky at best (since I plan to start at 30 or 31 and have 2 or 3 kids before I am 35), so I don’t think that a marathon is worth messing my plans up that much.


Kris February 2, 2010

I always had a “deadline” of when I wantd to have kids. Wanted my first by 26 and second by 28. I made my deadline, however as I look back now, I suppose I would change a few things. The first thing I would do is take a bit more time to travel before having a baby. Once they arrive, it is difficult to travel the world with playpen, stroller, diapers and toys in tow! Also, a vacation is never quite the same when you are travelling with little ones. The second thing I would do is space the kids out a bit more. 25 months apart is quite difficult when they are small.

On the other hand, I am happy to be a young mom. I think it is easier on a woman’s body to bounce back when she is younger.

Also, I think having the kids close in age is good for them, just hard on me at times :)

I see more and more people having their first child well in their 30s and I think that is becoming more the norm.

My advice is to do everything in life that you can that you don’t want to put off for 15-20 years! ;)

I love my kids more than anything (as you know) and I can’t imagine what I would do without them!

To each his own! :)


Jill February 2, 2010

Great timing. I was just thinking about the whole child/age thing today. When I was in law school, the thought of children scared the crap out of me. Now that I am starting my career, I can at least think about it without feeling sick. I think that 28 or 30 is going to be a good age for me to start.


Kyla Roma February 2, 2010

I’m 24 and I think we’re going to start trying around when I’m 28. Four more years of total luxury, quiet, and Sunday afternoon naps? Yes please!


TanyaS February 2, 2010

I had my first at 21 and second at 23 and was always jealous of friends that had kids into their 30′s because they had done so much “living” and seemed to be more financially secure. But as I thought I about it, I realized that my kids would be on their own and I would still only be 40 and have plenty of years for fun.

Fast forward a few years and I am now 31, remarried, and pregnant with #3. My biggest concern is that I’ve become a much more selfish person because I’ve developed more personal life than when I had my first children. My other concern is that I’ve set that “having fun” time back to my 50′s.

Ah, live and learn. The biggest lesson having children has taught me is flexibility and learning to roll with the punches. Whatever happens in life, you gotta learn to deal.


Jacquie February 2, 2010

I’m 23 and have friends who already have kids which scares me. Right now I’m single and happy and free, but I would like to have a family in the next 5 or 10 years. It’ll will just depend on when I find my someone and when’s a good time for us?

Are you and Eric trying to start a family? We’d love love to see a “glowing” baby :)


Janna (Just Flourishing) February 2, 2010

I was never one to want kids early.

Ideally I think I would want to have kids after 30, prob in my early 30′s. I won’t even graduate school till I’m 27…so I want to wait a while. :)


shelly February 2, 2010

I feel the same way about the wraps. They taste good but they are too tough. They’re not bad if you toast them until they are crunchy, then break them up and use them to scoop your food though.
As for the kid thing, I know it’s going to be soonish. Soonish b/c I have to get married (which is happening in the spring of 2011), my fiance has to graduate from med school, and we have to figure out our insurance situation since we’ll be getting married and potentially moving and starting new jobs. So depending on whether insurance requires us to wait a year before getting pregnant, I could be trying for my first child as early as age 30 (I turn 29 this August).
Saying that out loud makes me nervous. But I really want to be done having kids by 35 and my fiance just brought up the idea that “3 could be fun, but we can see how it works out with the timing of the first two.” I also read a report saying that you should wait 11 months between pregnancies- so I feel like I need a spreadsheet to figure out the timing of my future pregnancies. It’s okay though because I want to have my children very close together in age. :)
I guess my answer to your question is “before 35.”


Susan February 2, 2010

Interesting question – I can’t wait to see what everyone says! I actually have no desire to have babies of my own. It’s always been my goal to adopt foster children when I’m settled and making better money closer to my 40′s. Ideally I’d get older children that I can help get back on track. I went through and saw a lot as a teenager, and I think I could help at least one kid get through to the other side.


John February 2, 2010

I know you’d die happy but don’t die now I’d feel terrible!

I haven’t found the right woman yet so therefore no children. Somedays I think it’s getting late in life as I just turned 38 but then I think of my uncle who started having kids again with his second wife in his forties with the last one being born when he was 49-51.

Anyways before I can have kids I need to find the love of my life right or at least someone I can put up with “till the end of time”(Meatloaf line) :-)

What a way to delurk,eh?


jenna February 2, 2010

I have always said I would like to have my first baby at 27, second by 30 and then I would see if I wanted any more after that. I just turned 24 though, and am still single, so at this point, I am just hoping to have my first by 30.

I am a labor and delivery nurse, so I am around people having babies ALL the time. Some days I really crave it, but other days I love my single life :)


Carly February 2, 2010

Hi Angela –

I am normally a lurker but wanted to comment on this question b/c I often had wondered the same thing.

I am actually newly pregnant and am thrilled with the timing. I am going to be 30 next month and my hubby is 32 and I feel like we are in the perfect place both maturity wise and financially. I wasn’t sure before when or if I would want kids and I just figured it would come up naturally and it did!

All the sudden we decided it was time, we made it happen and here we are. Couldn’t be happier!


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