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Thank you for informing me that what I saw this morning was a Pileated Woodpecker!

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How cool!

My gut instinct was that he was a woodpecker, but then I thought…no it can’t be, so I really didn’t think it was.

I will be on high alert for him all week. :) I got within 10 feet of him today and he wasn’t even that scared of me. I was more scared of him I think!


Thank you for all of your comments on today’s post. Wow I am truly blessed to have you guys in my life! It is a private matter so I can’t discuss it on the blog, but please know that everything is fine.

Last night I was looking at our honeymoon pictures. And Eric said, ‘Uh oh what’s wrong?’ He knows whenever I am feeling down in the dumps I look at my honeymoon pictures to perk up my mood. I love day dreaming about traveling. :) I love looking at old pictures in general really.


Today went well. I made about 200 Glo Bars, packaged, shipped, etc. Orders are flying in left, right, and center. It is going to be a very busy push to Christmas!

Jammed to Christmas music while I worked…

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That is my current mix playing in the kitchen as I bake.

I prefer a mix of contemporary artists along with the classic old school stuff.

What kind of Christmas music do you prefer? Do you have any favourite CD’s or artists?


Someone asked me where the heck Sketchie has been lately. Well, I will show you…

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Sleeping on Eric’s sweater. He currently lives in front of the space heater. When I turn it on, it makes a little buzz and he comes walking over like a zombie. It puts him in a trance.


On that note, I’m going to shut down.

Sorry for the lame post tonight, but I really just feel that I need to disconnect from the virtual world for a while. It can be a bit much at times.

UPDATE: Eric just tickled the crap out of me for 10 minutes. I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard. This is what life is all about, folks!

Have a fun night whatever you are up to!

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Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

- Confucius

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Nicole of Raspberry Stethoscope November 16, 2009

Growing up, whenever we decorated/put up the Christmas tree, we always listened to Nat King Coles Christmas album, as well as Elvis, so those two always put me in the xmas spirit!


nicolene November 18, 2009

that pumpkin pie looks delicious yummy!


'Dee November 16, 2009

Not lame! Real! Tough week, huh.

Three thoughts:
1) You have a real sweetie of a husband (go Eric!)
2) Sometimes life kicks you in the butt. We persevere, we hold on, we keep going. And sometimes that involves some good old curling up in a ball and feeling like a big old muddy emotional mess until it passes. You are not alone!
3) Yay for Sketchie! Missed you buddy.


OK, so maybe FOUR things:
4) You need some Johnny Mathis on that playlist. I highly recommend “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” because it puts me into full blown sobs of nostalgia for my home (Maine) and reminds me that while we are all totally whacked (LOL), nonetheless I love my totally-whacked family.

Feel better, Ange. Unplug and relax! We’ll see you when we see you, woman.


Meghan@traveleatlove November 16, 2009

Enya does a gorgeous Silent Night in Irish. My husband speaks Irish and was singing along last night. It brought me to good tears. I love classic Christmas music, but I hate Blue Christmas no matter who sings it. So annoying, in my opinion!


Niki (Running In Pink) November 16, 2009

Love the Christmas playlist. I will have to add some Michael Buble to my mix this year! I also enjoy a mix of contemporary music and classics. I have over 3 cds of Christmas music, and have added even more to my iTunes since burning those discs. Just talking about Christmas music makes me want to pull it out now!!

Hope you are feeling better and there are no big concerns or worries going on. It’s normal to have some crappy days every once in a while, and I believe that a good cry is healthy for us sometimes (at least for us women! hehe).


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is November 16, 2009

Aren’t the Amy Grant christmas songs the best? I’ve listened to them forever…I have some holiday playlists similar to yours, but mine include Kenny G and Barry Manilow. I’m such a dork. :)


Laura November 17, 2009

I’m so with you – Christmas isn’t Christmas without Barry Manilow!


Abby (Nibble, Nourish, Run) November 16, 2009

I love the new and the old Xmas stuff…any Xmas song really! Mariah Carey is key in my house…along with Tony Bennett and Bing Crosby!


Estela @ Weekly Bite November 16, 2009

Wow, you really did get close to that bird :)


Erin November 16, 2009

Jessica already suggested Amy Grant, so I will second it! We used to jam out to her cds as kids. Nat King Cole and any of the crooners are my favorites too. I just love the sentimentality they bring!


Valerie (College Girl Eats) November 16, 2009

I love holiday jazz! It’s the best!


Tracey @ TropicalHappiness November 16, 2009

Oooh! I think it’s almost time for me to get out my Christmas music too! I’m sorry that you’ve had a bit of a rough time. Sometimes you need a good cry. It really does act as a release of all of the pent up feelings. And there is no better- no SAFER- place, than in the arms of your husband, late at night, in the dark of your bedroom. Eric sounds like quite the husband… especially for that much needed tickle fest! In my opinion, we need a good cry. We also need our problems to help us realize just how much more “good” we have in our lives.
I hope things look up for you and everything works out! BIG HUGS!


Julie @savvyeats November 16, 2009

Have you listened to Il Divo’s Christmas music? It gives me chills, it is so good!


Jolene November 16, 2009

Eeeeeeeek I hate being tickled!! I used to get held down by my older brother and little sister, and they would tickle me until I crying! I am SO ticklish!


Kristie Lynn November 16, 2009

Sketchie is so darn cute! My cat has taken to curling up on my yoga mat ALL DAY. EVERY DAY. She even has an angry meow for me when I try to use it! <3 cats


Katherine November 16, 2009

Great tunes!! My husband went to school with Josh Groban for a bit and listening to his music always makes me smile :)


Amanda November 16, 2009

Today was one of those days for me!! I FELL while trying to go running after work (in the dark) and just broke down bawling. One emotional phone call to my mom, 45 minutes on the elliptical, and a big bandaid later, I am ready to wake up to a better day tomorrow :)


Patrice November 16, 2009

“When I turn it on, it makes a little buzz and he comes walking over like a zombie.”
-This made me laugh out loud. Totally reminds me of my cat back home.
I have to say, as a college student who has gone through pretty much everything you’ve written about regarding eating disorders and internalization problems, your blog is one of the most comforting things I’ve ever stumbled upon on the Internet. As cliche as it sounds, you’re a huge inspiration for me and I look forward to reading a little bit about your life every day! Thanks so much.


Nikki T November 16, 2009

Greatest Christmas CD of all time (in my eyes): Boney M Christmas!!

Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry- hope all is well :)


Mary :: A Merry Life November 16, 2009

Great music! I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner!


Anais November 16, 2009

My FAVORITE Christmas CD is called The Hotel Cafe presents Winter Songs – it’s a compilation of well, winter songs, some of which are your typical christmas songs. It’s just so beautiful :) One of the songs was on Brothers and Sisters the other night! :) You should check it out, I’m sure you’d love it!


Meghan November 16, 2009

Hanson Christmas Album “Snowed In” is priceless. Check it out. Seriously.


Kristen @ Simply Savor November 17, 2009

i’ve made a holiday playlist on pandora with a mix of: Mariah Carey, Johnny Matthis and Trans-Siberian orchestra and i’m loving it!!

nothing like a good tickle session to cheer up :) have a relaxing night, you deserve it!!


M. November 17, 2009

Whenever I feel lost, or want to revert to old unhealthy habits I always look to your blog.

You are just such an amazing person eventhough I don’t personally know you. You always have a way of wording things for the best. I am sorry that you weren’t feeling quite yourself the other day but it is good to hear you made 200 bars. WOW impressive.

Keep up the great work
- you cannot even begin to imagine how positive this blog has been for my life. The other day i asked how much you eat and today I realize that was so irrelevant to your message. I am learning slowly but trying to apply. Thank you.

You are beautiful and stunning and I hope to be as toned someday!

P.S. The Bird is just gorgeous. I guess maybe winter is coming??


Ameena November 17, 2009

So great you have Eric to make you feel better. I hope that tomorrow is a better day for you!


Chloe (Naturally Frugal) November 17, 2009

Ha ha, I hope you know what I thought of when I read “pecker”. Love it.


Erin @ Living and Loving In L.A. November 17, 2009

What kind of a cat is Sketchie? He looks like a leopard!!!


Marilyn November 17, 2009

Seriously, I am going to drive up to Canada and steal Sketchie :P

I’m surprised you don’t have any Trans Siberian Orchestra! They are Christmas tunes for the rocker. I absolutely LOVE TSO.


The Voracious Vegan November 17, 2009

What kind of Christmas music do I prefer? ANY KIND! I love it all from silly kids classics to rat pack standards. OOohhhhh I start listening to carols in about…September, so I really do love it all!


Camille November 17, 2009

Aww, I love Christmas music!
I usually start mine around October and keep it around until it starts getting warm out again :)


Kailey (SnackFace) November 17, 2009

There is something very, very wrong with me…I cannot associate the word “pecker” with anything but male genitalia. I’m awful!

Angela, I’m so sorry you had one of those days! BUT I am in love with your Christmas music list. It’s perfect. Nothing like baking+holiday music to lift your spirits!


Mimi (Damn the Freshman 15) November 17, 2009

I have no class. My favorite Christmas CD is Dr. Demento’s Christmas. But it’s awesome.

I ADORE the Medieval Baebes Christmas CD. “Salva Nos” is just Christmas to me.


Miz November 17, 2009

damn woman.
you are kicking life’s ass and taking NAMES with all youre doing….


Shannon November 17, 2009

I’m glad you are feeling better. Those days are bound to happen and it’s such a good feeling to know you have someone who will let your cry your heart out to.


kilax November 17, 2009

I try to stay away from the comp every night so I can tickle with my husband too! Or just tell each other silly jokes!

I was wondering about Sketchie! He’s so cute! I put pics of my mischievous cat on my blog today, but they are not as good as yours!


Kristy November 17, 2009

I am excited about breaking out the Christmas music but I always try to wait until after Thanksgiving… or.. the night of Thanksgiving :)
Sketchie is so cute!
Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling that your husband knows you so well and is willing to help you cheer up and smile? My husband would have done the same thing.. tickle!


Lindsay Perrone (goodiesgalore) November 17, 2009

Not a lame post at all! Pretty amazing that your bakery has taken off and equally amazing that you can keep up with it all. I eat your bars on special occasions and have hid them from myself to make sure I don’t gobble them all down. (this hiding trick usually never works.)


Melanie November 17, 2009

I’m glad everything is fine. Husbands are pretty good at cheering up, eh? Joey does that for me too…I also go to my favorite “comfort” tv shows..right now, it’s NCIS or Due South, and the Golden Girls always bring me out of a funk:)

I prefer the Christmas classics or instrumental Christmas music with an Irish feel…although I’ve been listening to a lot of TransSiberian Orchestra this year…something about “hair metal” Christmas music.

Shelli does the same thing when we turn on the gas logs. She wanders over and sits in front of them. Last year, we brought her bed out of her room and put it in front of the fire so she’d be comfortable. I don’t think she moved all winter;).


Laura November 17, 2009

Our heating bills go up in the winter as our cats sleep ON our heating vents.


Paige @ Running Around Normal November 17, 2009

That woodpecker is AWESOME! Even more awesome that you caught a picture. Very cool.

Whatever is going on, I wish you all the courage to get through it!


Michelle-pure2raw November 17, 2009

I started listening to Christmas music inspired by you. I have been done in the dumps lately and needed some good feeling type of music on. It helped. :)


Cyn November 17, 2009

Love your Christmas song list! I also love Amy Grant’s Christmas Albums, they really remind me of Christmas as a kid, hers and Mannheim Steamroller.


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