Want To See Me On The Food Network?!


Hey guys!

I just got word of the Food Buzz nominations today and I made it into the Top 5 for the following category:

5. What blogger would you most like to see have their own show on the Food Network?

How fun is that?!

I took a much needed break from baking today and made a video to plea for votes! ;)


Please show your support for Oh She Glows and vote here:


I’m sure I don’t have a shot in hell (STIFF COMPETITION!) hehehe…but it’s worth a shot, right?

THANK YOU!!!! =)


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emily October 9, 2009

Two more reasons why you would be good for food network:
You started a food trend (green monsters)
and You have an online bakery.
Plus you never stop smiling, even when you talk. That’s gotta be good for TV.


Kristen (Friends With Salad) October 8, 2009

Voted!! The world definitely needs more HEALTHY and more CANADA!!


Logan October 7, 2009

I think you are a sincere blogger, unlike some of the others I have read. You got my vote, Angela. Good luck!


gina October 7, 2009

We’re in Florida. No accent!


Julie @savvyeats October 7, 2009

This video is adorable, and I will definitely vote for you!

Also, you know you live far north in the US when you don’t notice a Canadian accent… :)


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