Dirrty Green Monster Oats

I know, I had to read the title twice too! A lovely reader named Keri, submitted her favourite way to eat a green monster. It was just so cool and unique I knew I had to try it out. Dirrty Green Monster Oats by Keri Ingredients: 1 Green Monster (prepare as usual) 1/2-2/3 cup regular […]


Glow With Coconut Oil

I keep discovering more and more ‘beauty’ uses for coconut oil! I now use coconut oil for the following: Nighttime eye moisturizer So luxurious and way cheaper than pricey eye creams on the market. Shave Oil An all natural way to replace that mystery gel/foam lurking in your shower- makes my legs really soft! Body […]


Murder Hill

  Did I mention there are a lot of hills where I live?! I like to call this hill in particular ‘Murder Hill’ because I want to murder myself when I run it!!!! lol. ;) Today I went up this hill and one of equal steepness right in a row. It was brutal…but fun. Yes, […]