SGBC’s Closing Ceremonies + Amazing Grass Giveaway!


Before we get to it, I’d like to wish Oh She Glows Happy 9 months of blogging!! Exactly 9 months ago today, this blog was born with a ‘boo’ on Halloween night. Can you believe I have written 761 posts!? No wonder my fingers hurt! :D

summerglowbannercopy3 thumb13   SGBC’s Closing Ceremonies + Amazing Grass Giveaway!

It’s been a busy month!!!

img 1165 thumb   SGBC’s Closing Ceremonies + Amazing Grass Giveaway!

My own personal calendar…

img 0989 thumb   SGBC’s Closing Ceremonies + Amazing Grass Giveaway!

Sorry Todoist, this just works for me! I’m not even ashamed to admit it!

I have had so much fun doing the Summer Glow Boot Camp. We have had so many awesome discussions, guest posts, giveaways, and booty kicking exercises to shake things up a little!

For those of you who missed some of the fun, I have gathered most of the posts together below for your reading pleasure:

Summer Glow Boot Camp Wrap Up

WEEK 1: Reflection: How we think, feel, and perceive our current selves

Angela on Dear Body

Angela on Make-up: Can we live without it?

Angela’s Interval Training workout

Zesty makes Balsamic Salmon

WEEK 2: Goal Setting

Angela on Let’s Set Some Goals!

Stacy on Exercise and Hydration

Angela interviews Celebrity Trainer, Valerie Waters

Zesty makes whole grain oatmeal pancakes

Guest Exercises with Stacy

WEEK 3: Getting Over The Hump

Caitlin on Staying Motivated

Kath on How to fuel workouts

Guest exercises with April

Angela on One of her greatest life lessons (and her pre-race meal)

Madison on Friends Getting Fit

WEEK 4: It’s all about the self-love baby!

Angela on Learning to love the journey

Zesty on Roots vegetables jazzed up

Bobbi’s mini bootcamp + Angela discovers Tweetdeck (bahaha)

Leslie on Feeling confident in summer clothes

Video: 10-minute total body workout by trainer Marci Lall (made exclusively for the SGBC!)

WEEK 5: Where do we go from here?

VIDEO: Angela on Keeping Our Eye On The Prize

Personal Trainer, Jodie’s top 3 core blasting moves


Whew, what a month, eh?? :) So much fun! I have taken away so many great pieces of advice and have learned more ways to appreciate all the awesome things my body does for me each day.

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank-you to all of our sponsors as well as all of the amazing contributors! Without you, this certainly would not have been possible.

And what would closing ceremonies be, without TWO HUGE giveaway contests???? :)

untitled3copy1   SGBC’s Closing Ceremonies + Amazing Grass Giveaway!

Would you like a chance to win a free professional photography session with two of the world’s top photographers? Your photography giveaway submissions are due Sunday August 2, 2009 at NOON EST! Please send to: Please make sure to read the rules of the giveaway located here before sending in your submission.

ag logotagline highres thumb2   SGBC’s Closing Ceremonies + Amazing Grass Giveaway!

The day is finally here! Amazing Grass is giving away SEVEN of their LARGE 17oz Amazing Grass tubs to one lucky Oh She Glows reader!

The winner of the 1st prize Amazing Grass package will receive SEVEN- large 17oz Amazing Grass powders (Wheat Grass, Green SuperFood, Chocolate Green SuperFood, Berry Green SuperFood, Amazing Meal Original, Amazing Meal pomegranate,  and Amazing Meal Chocolate)! That is a value of over $325!!



  • Leave one comment on this post telling me how the SGBC has impacted your life in a positive way. What was most memorable? Or tell me what post you enjoyed the most and why.
  • For another chance to win: Tweet about this contest on Twitter, making sure to link to @ohsheglows so I can record it
  • Contest ends TODAY at 7:30pm EST!
  • Contest open to US and CAD residents only please.
  • Winner will be drawn randomly
  • Winner will be announced in tonight’s post- so stay tuned!!!


angela signature thumb78   SGBC’s Closing Ceremonies + Amazing Grass Giveaway!

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e July 31, 2009

Sgbc has impacted me in numerious ways but most importantly your post on loving our body and respecting it for all the ways it works daily.


k July 31, 2009

I’m glad I managed to log on before I packed my computer!

The way SGBC has had an impact on me the most is with respect to giving myself a break. It is ok to rest and to give myself permission to take guilt free days off if my body needs them- even if there are workouts on the schedule.


Jess July 31, 2009

The “Dear Body” post really got me thinking about how I treat myself! Your blog continues to challenge and inspire me – its by far the best I read! Thanks :)


Katy S. July 31, 2009

I really enjoyed the Feeling great in summer clothes post. This was something I struggled with through high school and college. I hated when it started to get warm because that meant I couldn’t hide behind big sweaters anymore! I don’t really know what my turning point was…maybe it was just maturity? But I finally decided that I can’t care what people think about me and if I’m happy and comfortable and confident that’s all that matters.
Angela-Thanks for spreading such wonderful messages. I truly appreciate it:)


Anna July 31, 2009

I think “”Learning to Love the Journey” really resonated with me. I feel like know one really talks about the importance of thanking yourself for all the good, positive things you do for your body. There is way too much focus on the “shoulds” and “need-tos” and not enough on the “way to gos”! That being said, I love almost all of your posts and really appreciate the things you do here on Oh She Glows. Keep it up!


Mariel July 31, 2009

I really enjoyed the post on feeling confident in summer clothes. Actually, all of the issues discussed during SGBC were really great and thought-provoking. Thanks!


Jennifer July 31, 2009

SGBC helped me to take time for myself during a particularly hectic month – I looked forward to checking the calendar and the website every day! (Even while on vacation)



Courtney F July 31, 2009

I really enjoy the “learning to love the journey” post. Every one is on some journey of losing weight, maintaining, recovery, gaining weight, etc. It is embracing your goals and loving them for the reason why you are doing them. Better health, better wellness, better fitness. This article helped me embrace my journey and enjoy it.


Rosey Rebecca July 31, 2009

I loved the Keeping Our Eye On The Prize post! It was so cute!!


Lisa July 31, 2009

I really liked Caitlin’s post on Staying Motivated. I’m training for a 1/2 marathon right now and I admit, sometimes I get a little bored with running all the time. Her post really helped me gained that momentum to push through my workouts.


Diane Nusbaum July 31, 2009

SGBC and ohsheglows has impacted my life in several positive ways. One way is that I have been drinking Green Monsters every morning for several months. Yum! I have friends drinking them, too. I have learned new and fun exercises, too! Keep up the great job and Happy Anniversary!


amie July 31, 2009

i like the post about Learning to Love the Journey. so often i just focus on the end result and i like the reminder that not everything has to just be a means to an end! thanks angela!


A July 31, 2009

I most enjoyed the “dear body” post. I know it moved me and so many other commenters (and countless others, I am sure) to tears.


Dana ( July 31, 2009

I think all the posts on SGBC were great and have impacted my life in some way. The ‘Dear Body’ post really connected me with how I feel about my body and how I want to feel. The ‘Staying Motivated’ post reminded me that it’s okay to have bad days and you just have to keep your final goal in mind and really stay focused and if you get off track, pick yourself back up and move on. It was all great!! Thank you for being so inspiring!!


Brandi C July 31, 2009

OSG has impacted my life in TOO many ways to count! If I must list one it would be teaching me to love my body for all the AMAZING things it does/has done for me and to ALWAYS treat it well!


Madison July 31, 2009

I loved all the posts but the “dear body” really got to me. When you talked about how many second chances our bodies give us–I truly grew to appreciate all that my body does for me.


Kels July 31, 2009

I, too, loved the “dear body” post. It just really hit home and made me think twice about some things that I put my precious body through! Thanks!


Holly July 31, 2009

Happy 9 Month Anniversary!!

I think what has helped me/impacted me the most is reading about all that you’ve dealt with concerning your injury. I’m currently injured now and have been there before, and it is very hard on me mentally because I struggle with the guilt. But seeing others go through it, and come back vibrantly like you have, gives me hope! Thanks for all that you do, Ange! :-)


LilyBeans July 31, 2009

WOW that is a lot of Amazing Grass!
I enjoyed your inspirational post the most throughout the SGBC. The one that meant the most to me was “Learning to Love the Journey”. I am currently training for a 1/2 marathon and it reminded me to step back once in a while look at what I have already achieved. Thank you for your wonderful, inspiring words!


morgan July 31, 2009

hi angela! thank you so much for the bootcamp. the best part about it for me was the daily inspiration to get off my butt and get moving! i loved knowing that there was a huge group of us working together! :)


CATIEDIDIT July 31, 2009

The bootcamp was definitely still an inspiration to me. I injured myself earlier this summer and have had a hard time sitting back and doing nothing (rest is my treatment :( ) But it was good to get an emotional/mental kick in the butt still :)


Red Head, Yellow Dog July 31, 2009

The bootcamp was so great for learning new strength moves and has showed me that just doing a little bit of strength training each day can truly make a difference! And the ab exercises are awesome! My abs are stronger then ever! woot!


Marian July 31, 2009

While I didn’t keep up with the SGBC exercises, I definitely loved being able to read the daily topics. They definitely kept me motivated with my running and training! I really identified with the post-race blues topic because it definitely hit me after my half-marathon, when I only ran twice in the 2 weeks following the race!

Despite not enrolling officially, I loved the SGBC for the constant support and motivation it gave me to push myself harder. :)


Kat July 31, 2009

Happy 9 months! I have to say the “Dear Body” post was the most inspirational and enlightening post for me. As for the exercises of SGBC, I loved Jodie’s core work. I did the 3 exercises yesterday after yoga and i am already feeling it!


Low July 31, 2009

Physically, my favorite part of SGBC was the fact that I lost 5.5 inches (and 3 pounds) in one month! But more than that was how this challenge taught me to appreciate my body now and not wait until I get to a certain weight. I think I really go “glow” now :)


Kelly July 31, 2009

OMG that’s a lot of Amazing Grass! I’ve been drinking Superfood since this past spring and I have to say that Amazing Grass has impacted my life by making me realize I need to take better care of myself and what I ingest. For me, it’s now all about real, whole foods and Amazing Grass just helps me when I can’t get enough of the greens and the fruits. I feel better in the mornings when I get my chocolate “shake” and I’m actually going to the store after work today to buy more!


Sara July 31, 2009

SGBC has not only taught me the AAAAHHHMAZING green monster- but it has also showed me that it is possible to have a healthy balance of diet, exercise and fun. Thank you so much Angela!


JW July 31, 2009

“Dear Body” was my favorite, but all have been great. Thanks for everything Angela!


Amanda July 31, 2009

I loved your video about the slump you were in. Sometimes I look at other people and think there so perfect they have it all figured out and I feel so guilty when I go through a rough patch. Thank you for being so real and so motivating through the good times and bad.


Pam July 31, 2009

I’m pretty new to reading your blog but I’ve quickly become addicted! I would say any post where you talk about listening to your body and doing what it tells you would be included in my favorites. If you’re in an exercise rut then embrace it! Thanks!


Talia Lapid July 31, 2009

SGBC had the power to bring women (and men) from around the world together in an effort to better ourselves, but also to accept ourselves. My favorite post–like so many others–was the dear body post. Too often we don’t appreciate our bodies for all that the continue to give us. The minute that we learn to treat them with the respect the deserve, they will become what we want them to be. HEALTHY!


Molly July 31, 2009

I loved all the great food posts, and new ways to make my favorites (salmon and pancakes…yum). This was also the place I learned about those super Chia seeds!!


Rachel July 31, 2009

I liked that it was a constant reminder to respect yourself and your body. It’s so good to hear every day. THANKS!!!


Whitney July 31, 2009

SGBC helped me learn to love myself. I love my body for all it can do for me. The Dear Body letter was my favorite part!


Susan July 31, 2009

I enjoyed the post about going sans make-up the most. Like a lot of women, I have trouble going to the grocery store without throwing on some mascara! I still prefer to wear make-up, but it definitely helped me think about how I should be confident in my own skin. Men don’t have cover-up and foundation, and they’re surviving!


Lynn July 31, 2009

SGBC has kept me out of my running ruts, whenever I don’t want to put on my 992s, I go to this website and you push me to get out there and tear up the roads!!!!


Shari July 31, 2009

SGBC has impacted me by helping me to focus on achieving a healthy lifestyle first and the rest will follow. With every positive action or thought another grows. I especially liked the post on “Learning to Love the Journey”.
Thank you!


Sam July 31, 2009

While I enjoyed every post throughout the BBBC, I really loved reading Leslie’s post on being confident in summer clothes. Body image is such a struggle for me (as I’m sure it is for many) and I’ve been striving so hard to simply love the skin I’m in and learn to flaunt my assets. Thanks for all the effort you (Ang) and everyone else put in to this great boot camp. It’s been an enjoyable experience!


Stephanie July 31, 2009

I think that the SGBC has impacted me the most because it has introduced me to so many new excercises that I would not have known otherwise.

Thank you!


ari July 31, 2009

my favorite part of the SGBC was definitely all the different exercises and workouts! i get bored easily so it was awesome being able to switch things up. great challenge!


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