Help Me Pick A Dress To Wear!


Sometimes, having this website is truly awesome. It’s like having a bunch of my girlfriends over for a girl’s night at times!

Tonight, I thought I would take advantage of the plethora of fabulous fashionistas who read this blog, and ask for your girl-to-girl advice!

Help me decide what dress to wear to the wedding tomorrow!

The only rule: I am not going to tell you name brands! I don’t want that to influence your decision at all. Tomorrow morning, I will be revealing the brands of all the dresses.

The contenders in no particular order:



With no flash so you can see the detailing:


Click to enlarge…



 IMG_4197 IMG_4199


IMG_4203 IMG_4205

DRESS #4 (same as pink dress only black)

IMG_9385 IMG_9386

The shoes:

IMG_4220 IMG_4221

Now cast your vote!

For my hair style, I am probably going to curl it.

Leave a comment below and let me know your top 2 dresses!


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Madelin @ What is for breakfast? July 11, 2009

Dress No. 2, shows off your legs and georgeous shoes :)


Karen July 11, 2009

Dress #2 for sure. It’s by far the most flattering, both for your figure and your skin tone. The other three dresses have bunching around the waist that isn’t quite as flattering.


Shannon (The Daily Balance) July 11, 2009



Christina July 11, 2009

Dress number 2!


Lola July 11, 2009

#2 is so flattering and a perfect summer dress. Dress #3 is a nice color on you, as well, but I don’t like the fit/style quite as much as #2. Have fun!!!


Leah @ Simply Fabulous July 11, 2009

Definitely #3… it’s summer.. go for something with colour. You can wear black anytime!

#2 is my second choice.


Orla July 11, 2009

The teal is the most flattering, but the cut is more casusal. If it’s dressy enough for the wedding you should definitely wear it :) After the teal, I’d say the pink one as the black ones are washing you out a little.


Kath July 11, 2009

AH i spent ALL night legit looking for a blue or teal dress aaaaand no wonder i couldn’t find it, you’re wearing it! that would’ve been perfect for the baby shower i’m going to tomorrow :) sooo i’m telling ya now i voted for the teal dress for you so i can live vicariously through you hahaha!


Rebeca July 11, 2009

2+3 but really with those shoes no one’s going to look at the dress (maybe that’s just coming from me- the shoe obsessed)


Andrea@WellnessNotes July 10, 2009

This is fun… :) All the dresses look great on you! I voted for Dress #1 because it seemed most “wedding appropriate”.


Rebecca July 10, 2009

I vote for the pink and the blue ones!!


Jennie July 10, 2009

Dress number 1 is my favorite. It’s a classic The other 3 are too casual, IMO.


Kathy July 10, 2009

The blue one!!! The color just really suits you :)


Tammy (Defining Wellness) July 10, 2009

I know what you mean about blogging feeling like you have all your girlfriends over! It’s such a nice feeling and such a supportive community! I like the teal dress and the pink dress. That teal dress is really unique though — and very, very pretty!


haya (living and learning) July 10, 2009

i have to agree with angela above. only #1 seems appropriately fancy for a wedding, unless it’s a super casual wedding. i find it’s better to be a little over dressed than underdressed.


Courtney July 10, 2009

WHY SHOULD YOU WEAR BLACK??? Why can’t you, too, GLOW?! You’re not in a white wedding dress! Everyone know’s WHO the bride is – you’re allowed your fun during a summer event, too! Look how hard you’ve worked for that body! And just because you HAVE a great body – don’t drape it in black :(

If not this event – YOU NEED TO WEAR #2. SOON. :)


ND July 10, 2009

3 then 2


Courtney July 10, 2009

Um, sorry, all look lovely. You look lovely and SMOKIN’ in Dress TWO :D


Courtney July 10, 2009

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Dress number two is winnnning!!!! YOU LOOOK HOTTTT! :D


lucy July 10, 2009

i’ve been reading the blog for a long time now ( first comment) and i thought i should just say YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL IN THEM ALL :)

I Know a lot of people voted for dress2 but it seems a bit casual for a wedding, although its a really good one for a girls night out.


Angela July 10, 2009

Angela-Number 1 is really the only appropriate choice for a wedding. The others are cute and look great on you but are a little too short and too casual for a wedding. Have fun!!


Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write July 10, 2009

I love the first one, personally. But dress 2 looks FANTASTIC on your bod. Plus, the color is great on you. Beautiful!


TorontoGirloutWest July 10, 2009

The first two are the best by far!!!!!!!! :)


Mad July 10, 2009

the teal is the most flattering (#2)…for sure! though you look lovely in all…


coley July 10, 2009

Dress #3! It’s bright and summery! I like #2, but I think its too casual, and the other two are black, so I’d go for #3.


Jen July 10, 2009



Brandi C July 10, 2009

It BETTER be #2! Don’t lol, I’m SERIOUS!
jk, lol.


lisa July 10, 2009

I’m suprised nobody asked this already but it totally depends on what time the wedding is and where (ie indoor or outdoor)!


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 10, 2009

I made my decision…Eric and I actually agreed this time! lol =) I think Ive made the right choice!


Amy July 10, 2009

I like #1! Black is always classy, plus it’s long enough to be appropriate for a wedding. The jewelry looks very nice with it, too.


courtney July 10, 2009

I LOVE the teal or the pink, but if it is an evening wedding I’d go with one of the two black. All of them look gorgeous though, probably because they are on a beautiful model :) Have fun, you’ll look hot no matter what!


Krista July 10, 2009

The teal one is my top pick and the pink is second. I like that they’re bright and cheerful…besides, everyone wears black!!


Bridget July 10, 2009

I love dress #2. The colour is beautiful and summery and the shape is very flattering. Regardless of what you pick, they are all gorgeous dresses!


Milca July 10, 2009

Ohhh and my fiancée says you should wear #3, the pink one!! lol


Jess July 10, 2009

I personally LOVE the second. You look gorgeous in them all though!
<3 jess


Milca July 10, 2009

I love them all but I think that the first black one is perfect for the event. The second teal one looks a little to casual, same as the others. but… be careful you’ll probably look prettier than the bride!!! hahaha JK!!


Meghan@traveleatlove July 10, 2009

I love #’s 1 and 3. But you look gorgeous in all of them!


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