The Last Weekend: BBBC Plan

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I ended up doing yet another evening workout last night! It was a great workout because I was feeling fairly energetic and I had my Shuffle tunes playing loudly. :) I was also thinking about some exciting news that I got yesterday and that kept my mind busy! The workout: Duration: 1 hour treadmill incline […]


Exciting News


Good afternoon health lovers! :) Oh boy I think I totally jinxed myself this morning when I talked about strong runs! My run today was anything but strong! I felt weak. I think it was because I had such an intense evening workout last night. Still, I tried my best to re-fuel my carbs before […]


Banana Apple Coconut Curry


  Today, I had to apologize to my dear slow cooker for the neglect it has received over the past few months. It actually got demoted to underneath the counter, stored away in the cupboards where it collected dust. But the guilt started to set in. The slow cooker has been nothing short of a […]