3-Layer Banana Split Vegan Cupcakes


I love banana splits, don’t you? There is just something about them that reminds me of the lazy and hazy warm summer days. I’ll never forget the first banana split that my mom made for me. I remember eating it so slowly, never wanting it to end. I truly believed that the banana split was […]


Books, Bars, Berries, Butts, and Body Talk


  This morning I had my green monster with my two favourite books. Our wedding album and Sketchie album. :) Both are albums that we made on blurb.com. If you haven’t checked out blurb.com before you MUST do so! You can design your own high quality photo albums for very little cost. Our Sketchie album […]


Skinny-Mini GloBuns


You know the saying, “Do 1 thing that scares you everyday”? For me today, that was creating a healthy vegan cinnamon bun recipe. I recently asked you for suggestions on healthy Glo Bakery items that I could make. What classic recipes did you want made healthier? An overwhelming amount of you screamed at the top […]