Words of Wisdom


I read so many amazing things from you all in yesterday’s post about comparisons with real women. So many light bulb moments!! This morning I wanted to highlight some of the comments from yesterday. “I used to be much smaller. I used to be the skinniest girl in the room for the most part. I […]


Down The Drain


I have a confession. I have slowly gotten back to writing my to-do lists on paper!!!!! It creeped up on me slowly. First it started with a jotted idea here and there. Then it continued with To-Doist no longer signing me in automatically and forgetting to visit it. And now this. GAH!!! Where did I […]


Love Your Body Vegan Spelt Crackers + Contest Giveaway!


Food I think we should be reminded to love our body whenever we are feeding it with wonderful and nutritious foods, don’t you? What better way to do so than to eat crackers in the shape of a heart! I decided to use this Relish Oat Cracker recipe and use it as a base for […]