How To Power Through Tough Workouts


   I tried beets in my green monster today! Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica. I can’t say beets without that popping into my head! Oh, Eric and I finally watched last week’s office episode last night. OMG! Jim and Pam! This is not a green monster! Imposter! Ingredients: 2 organic kale leaves 1 cup Almond Breeze […]


Comparisons With Real Women


Our conversation yesterday about our appetite was a really good one, wasn’t it? I enjoyed reading over 60 comments from all of you throughout the day. It is obviously a topic that affects us all. I was flooded with emails yesterday from many of you. Reading through the emails and comments actually brought tears to […]


Jillian Don’t Hurt Me Again!


Today was a rather mixed up day for exercise but it actually turned out to be fabulous! I headed out for a run and after about 15 minutes I came in because my blister was bothering me again. I tried doing a couple things to help it but it was still painful so I knew […]