Funny quote from yesterday’s whole foods trip: I said, “How awesome is it that WF has organic dandelion greens???” Eric, “You know I just spent two hours pulling up dandelions in our yard today, right? You can have the whole garbage bag full!” LOL!!!!! Oh we had a good laugh. Actually, I was talking to […]


You Are What You Eat

What a gorgeous day! Not a cloud in the sky!   Eric and I had a fun outdoor adventure today! He biked while I ran :) Action shot! lol I always run on the side of the road where there is grass and gravel because it is much easier on my joints! About 15 minutes […]


Reader Review Survey

Hi everyone! In an effort to keep improving Oh She Glows, I have created another quick survey! It only takes about 1 minute to fill out and I would greatly appreciate it. Basically what I am trying to do with this survey is get some baseline opinions about some things that I have been wondering […]