Last night my stomach pains continued until I finally broke down and took a Zantac pill around 7pm. Finally the pains went away! It is weird because I think when I eat lots of nuts, I get stomach pains. I almost always get pains from eating a Larabar (although they don’t last that long). I […]


Filling Those Stores

My workout today was intense!!! I think my glycogen stores were full to the brim from all the nuts yesterday because I had oodles of energy. Nine point five hours of sleep will do it too! :) The workout: Duration: 52 mins (this time always includes resistance moves I do) Treadmill hill walking (4.0 mph, […]


Now I Am Whole

It was as if everything in my life up to this point was somehow meaningless when we drove up to Whole Foods!!!!!!!!! I was screaming at Eric, “WE’RE HERE!!!!!!!!!! OMG that looks just like all the pictures that I’ve seen on blogs!!!” lol We walked in the doors and I immediately saw all the samples […]