Bloggie Meet Up!

I was so excited to finally meet Krista today!! :D She came at 9:30am to pick up her cookie order for her daughter’s birthday. Krista is such a sweetheart- super friendly, talkative, and down to earth! She is so sweet- she brought me a birthday card! It is so awesome having someone close by whose […]



Day 50 (May 15): To start the weekend off on the right foot, we’re going to do raised leg side planks today! These are super challenging for me and I will admit, I can’t hold them very long. That is ok though! If you need to put your leg down in regular side plank form, […]


Party Beginning in 3….2….1….

A picture says a 1,000 words right??? Here we go!!! :)   A dozen Chocolate vegan cupcakes!!! Hubby brought me home flowers!!! We set up the family room- complete with new paint colour! I put on my new BRIGHT PINK shirt and… started to get a little crazy!   I mixed the ‘At the door […]