Beating Blisters: One Step At A Time


I had so much fun reading all of your comments on my blister plea! So much great information! Here is a quick recap of some suggestions that seemed to be popular: MOLESKIN (by far the most popular suggestion!) Body Glide stick/lubricant Lace Locking Bigger shoes No cotton socks- use double layer socks Running technique/heel striker? […]


The Real Thing


I am one lucky girl. My doorbell rang this morning and I thought, who could that be??? A flower delivery!!!!! :D   I LOVE pink roses!!!! I mean, obviously!!! Now I have the real thing on my dining table! hehe.   I immediately called my mom and thanked them. :) What a great way to […]


FAQ + Cupcake Cookies


  I wanted to address this reader question that I received the other night, as well as my answer! Sometimes I think that the question and the answer can benefit others so I post it on the blog. Here we go: Hi Angela, I have quite a few things I want to say and ask, […]