Glow With Tea Tree Oil


I must apologize my dear readers. I have been hiding something from you this past week! This Australian Tea Tree Oil is AMAZING. I started using it last week to compliment my Project Glow Routine. I bought this last summer and never ended up using it for some reason (I think it got lost in […]


Question 4 A Celebrity Trainer Challenge


I am really glad you enjoyed the video tutorial on how to get beachy hair! :) It’s funny because for years I always wondered how the celebs got those kinds of waves and I could never replicate it by using the traditional ‘clamp’ method with the iron. Who knew it was simply by wrapping the […]


Painting The Ceiling


is no fun!   Note: Ceiling paint goes on PINK but dries white. Don’t worry! haha. Tonight’s challenge: Find a colour for Eric and I to paint our living room! Living room (Click to enlarge): Note: We are replacing the carpet with walnut hardwood flooring. We will also likely paint the crown moulding white. Any […]