Week In Review I & Green Monster Pancakes


It’s been a fun week! I thought I would do a recap! Please let me know if you find this feature beneficial and I will try to do it more often. :) Let’s take a look at what was going on on OSG the Week of May 2-May 8th, 2009: Recipes Everything but the kitchen […]


Eating Clean And Green


  I have been a busy bee today! After I did some more organizing in the kitchen, I put together my friend’s stagette gift! I had some fun valentine’s day garland leftover so I used that for my inspiration. I got her some sexy lingerie! All I can say is that her hubby to be […]


FAQ Installment 28


  FAQ Installment 28 219. Carrie asks, “Angela – your lunch looks delicious!  I saw on your About Me page that you gave up artificial sweeteners.  What do you think about the new "natural" zero calories sweeteners that are coming out – Truvia, etc.  Thanks!” To be honest with you I don’t know much about […]