Frills ‘n Lace


This morning I had to meet with someone about Glo Bakery Packaging. It is a warm and sunny morning out so I wanted something that would be cool, summery, yet slightly put together. This is what I wore!! I love this beautiful neckline. If I could describe my style this top would be it- frilly, […]


Black, White, and Green


Everything about my eats today is green! We have a huge surplus of organic kale in our house right now! Last night Eric walked in the door with 4 huge bunches of kale!!! Now we have 5 bunches to use up. lol. I really don’t know what the poor guy was thinking. Last night playing […]


What’s In My Fridge: Part 5


Missed parts 1-4? My fridge!! Where the fun happens, right?? :D   TOP SHELF: Glo Bakery ONLY products! Eric knows not to touch anything on this shelf. lol Vanilla extract, almond extract, peppermint extract, lemon juice, almond milk, non-hydrogenated olive oil margarine, marzipan, fondant, applesauce, soy yogurt, pumpkin, etc. MIDDLE SHELVES: Organic brown eggs, light […]