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Did I ever have fun making my first batch of vegan cupcakes!!!

Honestly, I have never been confident in the cupcake department. Mostly because I never knew how to decorate them.

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World (or more briefly known as VCTOTW by my cupcake peeps) changed my life today.


Yes, I am a new girl. You can call me cupcake now. Because it’s all I can see myself making for a long time.

Did I mention they were vegan– and healthy cupcakes?


I am already thinking about some Glo cupcakes!

Ok, I had one little, tiny quip about this book, if I am to be 100% honest with you.

I don’t like that the book doesn’t open- and stay openon its’ own. If you are a cook, you know how crucial this one point is when following a recipe in the kitchen! I had to tuck it under my tea box for crying out loud.


Ok, quip no. 2.

At times, half of the recipe (e.g., ingredients) is on one page and the other half (e.g., directions) is on the back page. Major cookbook faux pas, no?? Not only could I not keep the book open, but I had to keep flipping back and forth, back and forth, many times. This is not easy when the fingers get sticky too!

It feels really good to get that out. :)

I think what I am going to end up doing is photocopying my most used recipes and just keep the book for inspiration and perty pictures.

Don’t get me wrong though folks. This book delivers. As in- best tasting cupcakes ever– delivers.

IMG_0540 IMG_0543

I felt like a celebrity chef tonight. I was just starting to decorate my cupcakes and all our family arrived. Everyone was watching me and oooohing and awwwing.

IMG_0544 IMG_0545

hahaha…I’m sorry that was lame. But it was fun because I am usually all alone in the kitchen all day long! Just me and my singing. :D

IMG_0546 IMG_0548

I had fun thinking of toppings for my cupcakes, which by the way were the traditional vanilla cupcake recipe from the book. Gotta start simple, right?

I also made the traditional buttercream frosting complete with nonhydrogenated margarine!

Today was a crazy day. I admit, it was one of those days. Does anyone else ever have those days where they just have mini freak outs all day long?! Please say it’s not just me!

Once and a while, I have these days where nothing is right. My shirt isn’t right, my hair isn’t right, my day isn’t right, and I’m not right.

What the heck!

Nothing was going right today and I found myself in tears while driving in the car. Eric and I had a spat this morning about some reno issues and I was just feeling blah. I literally said to myself ‘Ange get over it’. Once I said that it put things into perspective for me. I hate when I get worked up about small things- don’t sweat the small stuff right?


Dinner was fun. :) On the menu was a delicious spinach, walnut, cranberry, pepper, and tomato salad along with angus beef burgers and Money’s gardenburgers.

IMG_0558 IMG_0550

I will be doing a review on those amazing looking flatbread buns soon by the way!


The handsome cook:


Happy birthday and Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_0565 IMG_0566

Look who I found INSIDE the duvet comforter on the laundry room floor!!!



Well, I am beat and we still have a mountain of dishes to clean up- and hopefully an episode of 24 to end the day! Ok, I have to get this off my chest- I have a huge crush on Mr. Bauer!! Don’t tell Eric. :)

Thanks for your patience with my scattered blogging the past 2 days. Family always comes before blogging of course, I’m sure you understand.

Regular scheduling resumes tomorrow!

And yes, I will finally be revealing what was in that box! And no, it’s not a giant cat- but close! I will also be trying tofu in my green monster tomorrow AM- eek!!! It’s super high in protein (16 grams per serving) so I decided to live life on the wild side today while grocery shopping. It should be interesting!


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1 Jen May 5, 2009

Ugh, the dishes are always the worst part! I’m loving the ‘where’s waldo’ cat pics….our guys love to hide in bedding, too, but at least we only have two of them to account for. Sketchie must be in kitty heaven with his buddies!


2 *Andrea* May 5, 2009

ugh recipe on 2 pages is a major faux pas! it’s like the friends episode when rachel makes an english trifle with beef and peas/onions when the pages stick together haha.. also my friend has this thing for holding pages open that she bought on amazon.com super helpful it just has 2 magnet things on the end and stretches across the page so the weights keep down the sides.


3 Priyanka May 5, 2009

Can you believe it, I got the silken Tofu myself to try in the green smoothie!

I love the cupcakes!


4 *Andrea* May 5, 2009

beautiful cupcakes by the way!!


5 Jennifer May 5, 2009

I hate when cookbooks are like that! So annoying. The cupcakes look great!


6 Christina May 5, 2009

you should get a cookbook holder! I got one at TJ Maxx and it works great for keeping the page open. Never encountered a cookbook with recipes continued in the back though, that definitely sounds annoying!


7 Run Sarah May 5, 2009

Those cupcakes are so adorable! I can just picture them in a bakery window.


8 Amelia May 5, 2009

Love the cupcakes! I have a question about how you actually fill the cupcake cups. I love making cupcakes but I always make a giant mess trying to spoon the batter into the cups. Also they’re usually not the same size. Your cupcakes look very even and uniform. Any tips? Thanks!!


9 Jocelyn May 5, 2009

aww the picture with all the cupcakes lit up is purty..what a great idea..I’m sure your family appreciates all the hard work you put in..and the fight/bad day will all be forgotten soon..

I enjoy reading your blog..thanks for puttin in all the work you do to deliver! I really would like to try makin cupcakes like that in the future :)


10 Bec May 5, 2009

OMG those cup cakes look amazing!!!!


11 Kiersten May 5, 2009

The cupcakes look great! There are so many awesome recipes in that book. (I highly recommend the coconut-lime ones) The fact that the book doesn’t stay open irks me a little bit too.

Sorry you didn’t have a good day. Just try to stay positive and remember that tomorrow things will be different.


12 Sherry May 6, 2009

Hi Angie
Four or five cookbooks I bought this year do that, start the recipe on one page and go to the reverse side of the page. It only seems to be cookbooks from the last year or so that this started. I use a book strap. It is a double strap of leather that has weights at both ends. This thing holds open the biggest books. You can buy them at Chapters. I will email you a picture. They are around $10.00.I have cookbooks that are just to big for book holders.


13 Leah @ Simply Fabulous Now May 6, 2009

I LOVE those cupcakes. They look so cute!
I can totally picture some ivory frosting on them with some sort of dark red design… al la wedding favours.. tee hee! :)

Great lookin’ dinner too!
And, up.. tofu in your green monster? You are OUT of control!


14 Courtney May 6, 2009

Those look wonderful! :) Happy you had some company in the kitchen. Sometimes it is nice, otherwise, I like the space, haha, I’m making messes and concentrating! ;]


15 Kari @ Running, living, eating, learning May 6, 2009

Those cupcakes look amazing!

I kind of laughed when I read your line “Once and a while, I have these days where nothing is right. My shirt isn’t right, my hair isn’t right, my day isn’t right, and I’m not right.” because I woke up feeling that way yesterday too

I guess it just happens sometimes huh? I hope tomorrow/today is better for you!


16 Shelby May 6, 2009

I hate that about the book too!!! haha I’m glad it wasn’t only me. I always have to shove it under something.

I love the vanilla cupcake recipe! It’s so moist and has tons of vanilla flavor…I want to make them right now!


17 Katrina (gluten free gidget) May 6, 2009

Cupcakes are the happiest dessert EVER!(especially the cream filled kind!!!!!)
BTW- I think my sister has those same dishes. (not that that is important… but thanks for listening to my random thoughts! :) )


18 Erica May 6, 2009

Hi Angela! How are you? What a GREAT day you had! The cupcakes look amazing as does that dinner! I want to be a house guest at your place. Hope you have a good one


19 e. May 6, 2009

Hope today is a better day for you! My husb and I bought a fixer upper at auction and I will say… when your house is torn apart, you just feel off. I have to remind myself of that when I feel snappish or frantic that it’s probably just the upheaval making me so edgy.

It’s, um, a great opportunity to work on our marital communication skills. :-D


20 Amy May 6, 2009

I love that you love Jack as much as I do… I don’t think there are that many 24 fans left. To be honest, its the only show I actually watch religiously!

I love him so much in fact, that even when Keiffer is in another role… he’s still Jack Bauer to me. So much so, that I tend to hate him in other roles, because he’s NOT Jack! haha


21 Jenna May 6, 2009

Those cupcakes look fabulous!


22 Susan May 6, 2009

1. I totally have a Jack Bauer crush too

2. Those cupcakes are bee-yoo-tiful!!!

3. I have days like that too. I just start freaking out over the smallest things. But I know it’s usually the result of pent up stress over bigger things going on in my life. Just gotta shrug it off and move on. Plus I feel so much better after I release it all in a mini-freakout.


23 brandi May 6, 2009

beautiful cupcakes! i hate when cookbooks don’t stay open either – so frustrating!


24 weight and meditate May 6, 2009

The cupcakes are beautiful!


25 Krista May 6, 2009

That cat sure likes to be warm!!!

I’ve had tofu in my monsters and it’s awesome!!!

I’m prone to mini melt downs, too! I just get so anxious sometimes. For example, say I have to run errands and don’t really feel like it. I’ll feel like I want to jump from where I am to being done the errands with no in between. I hope that makes sense!!!

The cupcakes look great!


26 Mara @ What's For Dinner? May 6, 2009

Those are gorgeous cupcakes!!! I absolutely hate when cookbooks do the ingredients/instructions on the back and front of one page! Drives me NUTS


27 Rosie May 6, 2009

I say the box is from a John Deere ride on lawn mower.
2 clues.
1 you said it was not another cat but close to that, or whatever your exact words were.
2. There is a big sticker on the box saying not for sale in
California. I assumed it was a product that didn’t meet emmisions there or something like that.
I was thinking of a B-B-Q at first till the cat comment.


28 Aileen May 6, 2009

hi – i’m a new reader and just tried a green monster for the first time yesterday, with great apprehension… but it was delicious! i’ll definitely have it again!


29 Beverly May 6, 2009

I have a crush on Jack Bauer too! I love that show!


30 Hannah May 6, 2009

Angela-Those cupcakes looks so delish! What do they taste like? Do you taste the soy or do they have no soy? That’s my one “quip” about vegan baked alternatives. When I tried making pancakes w/ soy they wouldn’t rise and they tasted horrible.


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