Sprouts ‘n Sun


Aunt Bun’s Dianthus is sprouting!!!   I couldn’t believe my eyes. It has only been a week! She must have given it a magic touch. :D The trees also took off in the last 2 days. I find once the buds start to open it is a QUICK process!   The forest is going to […]


Back To My Roots


  Being in nature makes me happy. As a fellow Taurus, I am truly an earth lover. I feel grounded when I am outdoors and enjoying nature.   Rather than fighting an uphill battle with running and injuries, I have decided to reconnect with activities that I enjoy! No one says you have to be […]


Shop 4 A Cause Slideshow!


It’s time to get organized! We got everything on our list except for my friend’s stagette gift. I also finally found some storage containers for all my baking goods! Man, I peeled a lot of labels. I also had to peel all the stickers from my MIL’s gifts. I’m all peeled out! Why must companies […]