Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole


img 9957 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole


Shouldn’t every Monday be like this? :)

Eric got home from work and I handed him a beer. Not to shabby, eh? He goes, “Whoa…it’s a party up in here!” lol. Then I poured myself a glass of wine in one of our fun wedding champagne glasses and he says, “Let’s do some shots!”

I had better things in mind…Dinner #1!

He had Alexander Keith’s beer and I had Yellow Tail Chardonnay.

Green Bean Casserole (The modified version)

Full recipe here (plus directions!)

My ingredients:

  • 2 quarts water
  • 1.5 pounds fresh green beans
  • 1 can mushrooms, drained (next time I would use more)
  • 1 heaping tsp minced garlic
  • half salt to taste
  • fresh pepper
  • 1 T EVOO
  • 2 T whole wheat flour
  • 3/4 veggie broth (I made from stock + boiling H2O)
  • 3/4 cup Unsweetened Almond Breeze
  • 1.5 sliced whole wheat bread, toasted (next time I would use double this)
  • 1 T Becel Olive Oil margarine

Total prep time for me: 50 minutes

Some things to note:

  • Prepping the green beans was my least favourite part and also the most time consuming! For some reason I despise trimming green beans. As in I’d rather scoop cat litter.
  • BIGGEST SURPRISE: My sauce was still very thick and luxurious despite not using soy creamer. I used Unsweetened Almond Breeze and it still turned out very thick! I was shocked!
  • I Simmered the sauce for a good 5 minutes and stirred it until it got thick
  • I didn’t want to dirty more dishes (I was also baking today) so instead of using the food processor I just toasted the bread and then mixed in the margarine with a fork in a bowl. Much easier.

img 9925 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole img 9932 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casseroleimg 9934 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole img 9936 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

I baked it slow at 325F for about 35-40 minutes because Eric was late getting home from work.


img 9959 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casseroleimg 9960 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

My plate:

img 9963 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole 

I cut up a whole wheat wrap and toasted it in the oven for 5 mins at 325F:

img 9964 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole 

The taste?

This casserole was divine. I couldn’t get over how creamy it was!

img 9962 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

img 9961 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

Second helping:

img 9966 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

After dinner I had two more cake balls. They put me over my limit and now I am stuffed!! All the food was just too good.

fun thumb18   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

The grass has gotten so much greener just since our gardening over the weekend. I just had to take this picture so my mom would see that all their hard work went to good use!

img 9946 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

Daffodils everywhere!

img 9944 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

A bird feeding on some new food I put out:

img 9953 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole 

Then I planted these herbs:

img 9938 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole 

Such tiny seeds! I admit, I didn’t plant these one by one!

img 9939 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole img 9941 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

Anyone good at reading palms? lol

Blue Basil + Green Mint

img 9942 thumb   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

untitled51 thumb19   Dinner #1: Green Bean Casserole

April 27, 2009: It’s your favourite time again- PUSH-UPS! I know how much you all hate them so that must mean they work! Do 3 sets of push-ups for as many reps as you can stand!

I was hoping to comment on today’s topics, but my computer is really slow. Apparently I only have 50 MB of space left so Eric needs to work on it. Must be all the food pictures I have been uploading! LOL.

See you tomorrow morning for another fun conversation about social comparison. Your comments from this morning were so thought provoking!

Have a great night!

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Sally April 27, 2009

Mmm… Nice looking casserole! I hope your plants grow nicely :)


Michelle Gay April 27, 2009

I love green bean casserole. Man I am going to have to try that! Look fabulous.



Run Sarah April 27, 2009

Your version looks great! I just used up my green beans but I suppose I could always used canned.


Christina April 27, 2009

Lovely flowers! Nothing says Springtime like daffodils :)


Heather April 27, 2009

I love your casserole! You make it look so easy, but it sure sounds involved! When you toast your whole wheat wrap, what kind of plate/pan do you put it on?

It’s great to see all the signs of spring-summer finally appearing. I can’t wait to hear how your herbs turn out! I’ve been wanting to plant a few myself this year.


Kara April 27, 2009

Ooooh the casserole looks pretty legit! That’s one of my favorite holiday dishes.


Susan April 27, 2009

I hope you’re making mojitos with that mint! :P


Bec April 27, 2009

Mmm that casserole looks great!


Danica April 28, 2009

Fun dinner and fun planting!


janetha April 28, 2009

the casserole looks super good, thanks for the recipe!


Leah @ Simply Fabulous Now April 28, 2009

I LOVE basil & mint.. they are my two fav to have fresh in the house! As you know, I grow them as well and I use at least one of them each and every day!


Shelby April 28, 2009

I am so making that casserole! How delicious!


e April 28, 2009

Is Eric content to eat only the green bean cassarole for dinner or do you add something else for him? My husband will eat healthy but w/in an hour or so he would be snacking.


brandi April 28, 2009

I made Monday a bit more fun with some beer last night, too. The unexpected things are great :)

That casserole sounds really good.


BethAnn April 28, 2009

That casserole looks super delicious! I am so jealous of your yard…in AZ we don’t have any grass but it’s natural beautiful everywhere…on Long Island (where I go to school) a good sized yard is about ten feet wide. I need to start a little indoor garden or something to keep myself sane lol. Thanks for sharing the pics


Krista April 28, 2009

Your dinner looks fab! I bet you could use from already cut beans (thawed, of course) to cut back on the prep time.

I noticed alst night how green everything is getting! AWESOME!


Rose April 28, 2009

That casserole looks delicious!


ttfn300 April 28, 2009

this looks like a green bean casserole i’d actually eat :)


amy (veganissexy) April 28, 2009

Yes! That is the best casserole ever! I believe I used almond breeze too when I made it for Thanksgiving. It is a very time consuming recipe, but soooo worth it! Especially with leftovers…it gets even better the next day :) Good job!


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