Off To The Wedding Shoot!



Good morning!

Well, I was up bright + early at 6:30am this morning and can’t say I got much sleep.

Guess what? No soreness from all of yesterday’s activities!! None at all :D

It took me a good 1 hour 20 mins to curl my hair! The hairstylist is going to touch it up once I get there, but hopefully it won’t be too much. I think I breathed in enough hair spray for a lifetime’s worth this morning!

I keep saying to Eric’We’re going to get married!!!’ lol. I think he is getting a little annoyed. The little Bride Monster has come out!

I had a delicious and energizing green monster this morning:

img 7179 thumb   Off To The Wedding Shoot!

I used a scoop of Almond Butter for some extra ‘oomph’. I also used 1.5 cups of Almond Breeze which is why it is so lovely and milky in colour:

img 7180 thumb   Off To The Wedding Shoot! 

My hair…going for the hollywood glam look:

img 7173 thumb   Off To The Wedding Shoot!

I put together a small gift of my goodies for our photographers as they just recently got engaged!

img 7176 thumb   Off To The Wedding Shoot! img 7177 thumb   Off To The Wedding Shoot! img 7178 thumb   Off To The Wedding Shoot! 

See you tonight for some pictures!!!!

Question of the day: When was your most glamourous moment in your life?

This will definitely be one of mine! Obviously my wedding day…as well as my prom and my Master’s graduation. :)

angela signature thumb8   Off To The Wedding Shoot!

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VeggieGirl March 15, 2009



Meaghen March 15, 2009

Aww you’re going to have so much fun today! Can’t wait to see the pics!


Baylee March 15, 2009

I LOVEE your hair! so cute!!
have a blast at the photo shoot!!!


Leah March 15, 2009

Have fun!! Beautiful hair!
Such a nice engagement gift you gave Dave & Charlotte as well.


girlrunningaround March 15, 2009

Good luck and have fun! So exciting!


Mara @ What's For Dinner? March 15, 2009

AAH! I can’t wait to see the pictures!!! My most glamorous day has to be my senior prom…but I’m sure my wedding will totally trump that! Have a blast today!


Priyanka March 15, 2009

Hair looks beautiful and waiting for the photos!


Marian eats. The Italian way March 15, 2009

Have fun!!! I wish Josh and I could do wedding photos again!


emily March 15, 2009

good luck, I’m sure the pics will be beautiful!


Diana March 15, 2009

Your hair looks fantastic! i’m so excited to see the pictures! have fun!


Haleigh March 15, 2009

Good luck on your photo shoot! I have no doubt that the photos will turn out amazing! Your hair is so hollywood glamour! Gorgeous!


Jenni March 15, 2009

love the hair! i hope you have fun on your shoot, and i can’t wait to see the gorgeous photos!


Elina March 15, 2009

Hope you had fun! Can’t wait to “hear” all about it :)
My most glamorous moment was definitely my wedding. :D


Rachel March 15, 2009

Mine was definately my wedding. My husband and I don’t recognize ourselves in the pictures!! I got my hair done (only time) and makeup done (again, only time) and wore a HUGE dress, lol.


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