FAQ Installment 21


Happy Friday!! (The 13th!!!!)   Is anyone out there superstitious? I can’t say I am but know many are. :) Wow this week just flew by! I feel like I have so much to do before the wedding photoshoot tomorrow. As I type this post, I am currently sitting in my favourite REN face mask. […]


My Emergency Pack


Good afternoon! I hope no one has had any bad luck today. :) My day is going great! Flying by and I still have much to do. Isn’t that always the way though? I had a fabulous lunch today! I had a large sweet onion in the fridge and I made that the centre of […]


Post-Injury Exercise Plan (PIEP) + No Oil Apple Cake


As I added into my last post, I completely messed up what day our photoshoot is! I thought it was Saturday, but it is actually Sunday! Sweet :) I was pretty happy to find that out! I called Eric and told him and he replys, “Yea, I knew it was Sunday…” I think I am […]