Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bars


Good afternoon!

Eric and I just got back from the most lovely walk outside. It was the first time I went on a walk and my injury didn’t bother me! So so exciting :D

The walk in pictures…

img 56711   Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bars

Mr & Mrs.:

img 56801   Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bars

Another Mr & Mrs.:

img 56871   Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bars

So cute!! Spring is coming! :D Weeeeeee

Look at that post walk Glo :D

img 5695   Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bars


Nothing like a brisk sunny day to get those rosy cheeks!

It felt so good to be moving. So so good. The sun on our faces also felt amazing. I am so excited for Spring!

I think we were gone for about 40 mins or so…but we walked very slow looking at all the houses in the neighbourhood.

Dare I say that I may try out some light walking on the treadmill this week? As long as I feel no pain or soreness I may give it a shot. I will likely start with 5 mins of walking at about 3 mph and see how that goes.


Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bars

I made Bar no. 2 for my up and coming online Glo bakery! These tasted awesome and tasted just like Pistachio Larabars.

img 5707   Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bars

img 5713   Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bars

img 5714   Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bars

I had one of these for a post walk powersnack!

Other Healthy Eats today inlcuded:

  • Green Monster Power smoothie (Kale, blueberries, Almond Breeze, ripe banana, flax)
  • Small bowl of Spelt cereal + Almond Breeze
  • Black Bean Burger (patty + 2 slices w/w toast + 1/2 avocado + 2 Tbsp homemade hummus + 2 tomato slices)
  • Bite of cupcake :D
  • 1/5 of Cashew Cookie Larabar
  • 1 Eat Your Heart Out Pistachio Glo Bar

I feel healthy & energized!

Eric and I are off to Home Depot to make use of our ‘Buy $100 and get $25 off coupon!!” Thanks to Haya for the coupon!

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Smile; it the second best thing one can do with one’s lips.
                — author  unknown



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Brandi February 15, 2009

hooray for pain free walks!

those pistachio heart pops are so cute!


VeggieGirl February 15, 2009


I neeed those bars of yours – so holy yum!!


*Andrea* February 15, 2009

awww you two are so cute! i love the bunnies too. i can’t wait for the glo bakery!!!!


priyankalovesfood February 15, 2009

You look so cute when u smile!!! Oooh and I love the pistachio bars!!


kaneil, balanceisbest February 15, 2009

Cute new glo bars! Glad you got to go on a walk today. There’s nothing like some good old vitamin D to boost your mood!

Kaneil, balanceisbest


bitesdujour February 15, 2009

Those bars look wonderful! Can’t wait until you open your bakery. And as for the V-Day recipe page…are you done putting up all the recipes? I don’t see mine :(



Hangry Pants February 15, 2009

I am glad you were able to go for a nice sunshine filled walk!


Jen February 15, 2009

oh my goodness!! cute!!!


s February 16, 2009

hehehe! cute bunnies. and cute people :)


Meredith February 16, 2009

aw! bunnies!!!!


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