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Morning! :)

I have a special video for you all today (I actually did it last night, but it wouldn’t upload in time!). But first, I must get to my workout:

According to my half-marathon training program, Monday is supposed to be my off day for exercise. However, instead of having a set off day I am going to just play it by ear and take my off day where I see fit during the week. For example, this Wednesday I know I have to go into work really early for a meeting, so I would probably rather take my off day on Wednesday than today. It helps to plan ahead!

My workout was a fairly easy contrast to yesterday’s long run and helped me wake up on this Monday morning:

  • Cross-training day
  • Intervals (alternated between speeds 4.0 and 4.6 walking
  • Incline 10-15%
  • Total duration: 32 mins.
  • Max heart rate: 172 bpm (88% of max)
  • Avg heart rate: 140 bpm


Stay tuned this week for more answers to your questions! :D


Now for an exciting announcement!

Our friends at Mary’s Gone Crackers will be donating some delicious organic crackers to Oh She Glows!

In the near future I will be posting about an exciting contest that you can enter for a chance to win these delicious and healthy crackers! Stay tuned…


If the going is real easy, beware, you may be headed down hill.
       – Anonymous

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1 Fit Bottomed Girls December 8, 2008

Love the video. I’m so not brave enough to get in front of the camera. lol.


2 Mariposa December 8, 2008

i’ll have to watch the video at home as well! great idea for a post for the day! : )


3 catms916 December 8, 2008

So awesome about the free crackers! My work computer blocks all videos and fun stuff, but I can’t wait to watch when I get home!!


4 Tina December 8, 2008

Fun video!


5 Angela December 8, 2008

Thanks everyone! :D

Hey Sarah,

I know what you mean about how it would be hard to cut out eating at restaurants. I think I should have clarified that I still do go out for dinner when there is a special occasion (Eric’s family often has dinners out for family members birthdays).

I guess I should have said that just Eric and I do not go out to eat anymore unless it is a special occasion :) Like our bday or anniversary…

I will try to do a follow up video and elaborate more on eating out and everything- what meals I tend to select when I DO eat out :) Would that help??


6 Sarah December 8, 2008

Cool little post today!

I think it would be so difficult to cut out eating at restaurants. I find most socializing revolves around dining out. Sushi to catch up with my girlfriends and birthday dinners are the norm for me.


7 bobbi December 8, 2008

great stuff! Hubby and I try not to eat out too often as well!


8 PositivelyRadiant December 8, 2008

Such a fun post! :) Have a wonderful Monday, Angela!


9 girlrunningaround December 8, 2008

Great video. You’re so cute and full of information!


10 VeggieGirl December 8, 2008

Thank you so much for all of the beneficial information that you provide your loyal readers – bring on more video posts, for sure!! :-)

Happy Monday!!


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