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Morning! :)

I have a special video for you all today (I actually did it last night, but it wouldn’t upload in time!). But first, I must get to my workout:

According to my half-marathon training program, Monday is supposed to be my off day for exercise. However, instead of having a set off day I am going to just play it by ear and take my off day where I see fit during the week. For example, this Wednesday I know I have to go into work really early for a meeting, so I would probably rather take my off day on Wednesday than today. It helps to plan ahead!

My workout was a fairly easy contrast to yesterday’s long run and helped me wake up on this Monday morning:

  • Cross-training day
  • Intervals (alternated between speeds 4.0 and 4.6 walking
  • Incline 10-15%
  • Total duration: 32 mins.
  • Max heart rate: 172 bpm (88% of max)
  • Avg heart rate: 140 bpm


Stay tuned this week for more answers to your questions! :D


Now for an exciting announcement!

Our friends at Mary’s Gone Crackers will be donating some delicious organic crackers to Oh She Glows!

In the near future I will be posting about an exciting contest that you can enter for a chance to win these delicious and healthy crackers! Stay tuned…


If the going is real easy, beware, you may be headed down hill.
       – Anonymous

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1 VeggieGirl December 8, 2008

Thank you so much for all of the beneficial information that you provide your loyal readers – bring on more video posts, for sure!! :-)

Happy Monday!!


2 girlrunningaround December 8, 2008

Great video. You’re so cute and full of information!


3 PositivelyRadiant December 8, 2008

Such a fun post! :) Have a wonderful Monday, Angela!


4 bobbi December 8, 2008

great stuff! Hubby and I try not to eat out too often as well!


5 Sarah December 8, 2008

Cool little post today!

I think it would be so difficult to cut out eating at restaurants. I find most socializing revolves around dining out. Sushi to catch up with my girlfriends and birthday dinners are the norm for me.


6 Angela December 8, 2008

Thanks everyone! :D

Hey Sarah,

I know what you mean about how it would be hard to cut out eating at restaurants. I think I should have clarified that I still do go out for dinner when there is a special occasion (Eric’s family often has dinners out for family members birthdays).

I guess I should have said that just Eric and I do not go out to eat anymore unless it is a special occasion :) Like our bday or anniversary…

I will try to do a follow up video and elaborate more on eating out and everything- what meals I tend to select when I DO eat out :) Would that help??


7 Tina December 8, 2008

Fun video!


8 catms916 December 8, 2008

So awesome about the free crackers! My work computer blocks all videos and fun stuff, but I can’t wait to watch when I get home!!


9 Mariposa December 8, 2008

i’ll have to watch the video at home as well! great idea for a post for the day! : )


10 Fit Bottomed Girls December 8, 2008

Love the video. I’m so not brave enough to get in front of the camera. lol.


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