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Good evening everyone!

Beth asked me what products I use to get my skin glowing, so I thought I would do a post detailing the products I use on my skin, under my makeup! :D

Here’s the loot:

img 1074   Get glowing!

Starting with St Ives and going clockwise…

$ = cheap

$$ = Average

$$$ = cha-ching

1) St. Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub ($)- I use this morning and night! It is a great gentle exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and reveals a fresh underlayer of new, glowing skin.

2) Ren Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask ($$$)- I use this all-natural peel about once every week or two. I LOVE this product. It is expensive, but well worth the money.

3) Neutrogena Advanced Solutions At Home Microdermabrasion System ($$)- I use this about once every week or two. It really, really works! I even use it on Eric (when he lets me, lol).

4) Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer (Untinted, SPF 45) ($$)- I use this every morning underneath my foundation. Dermatoligists say the best wrinkle fighter is consistent sunblock usage!

5) REN Omega 3 Overnight Lipid Renewal Serum ($$$)- I use this sparingly every night before bed. I wake up with glowing skin! Due to the oil, it may cause slight breakouts so user beware if your skin is sensitive.

A comment on how I decide when to splurge on expensive products. Before I buy any type of beauty product, I always check out the rating on Makeup Alley. Both of the high end REN products that I purchased received rave reviews here and here and so I decided it was a calculated risk. I purchased them in July, and 4 months later, I have over half left in both.

That being said, I use many low-end products and I love them all the same. It really depends on the brand! I tend to really enjoy Neutrogena products for a mid-range option.

And finally a food that is rumoured to have skin-clearing properties:


Lately, I have been cutting up half of an english cucumber immediately after I get home from work. I drizzle it with some reduced-fat Balsamic vinagrette (Kraft) and it helps keep me from eating everything but the kitchen sink until dinner time.

img 1055   Get glowing!


Here’s to getting through another Monday, Monday! Have a great sleep, nurture your body, and dream big.

Sketchie is sleepy too…

img 1083   Get glowing!

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Jenn November 4, 2008

your blog gets better every day! I also love that quote from Lucy’s blog. Do you have wedding pics? i got married in April :-D


Meghan November 4, 2008

Hi Angela! I just found your blog and I must say, we love a lot of the same things (healthy eating, exercise, baking, fashion, beauty products!) so I’ll definitely keep reading!
I miss baking so much! I’m a college freshman now, so my resources are limited. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas break I’ll be baking up a storm for sure! :-)
Do you just uses the St. Ives scrub to cleanse your skin, or following a different cleanser? Your complexion is gorgeous!


Angela November 4, 2008

Hey Jenn! Thanks for your sweet comments. :) I am glad you like the quote too.
I don’t have any wedding pictures yet, but I do have a wedding slideshow on youtube: Enjoy!

Hi Meghan- welcome to the blog! I am glad you like it and sharethe same interests as I do. I want to keep it exciting and changing it up as much as I can. I LOVE baking- and I know how hard it can be when you are in school. Are you living in residence? When I lived in rez, I couldn’t bake at all except for when I went home. After 1st year, I loved into a house and we had a kitchen so I could bake a lot more.

I use St Ives as a cleanser too (although I should probably use a cleanser first??)…it seems to be fine though. :)


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