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Well, another Monday is here again! Time to look forward to the weekend. :D

I got up and hit the gym in our building before work as usual.

  • I did 40 mins. of hill training @ the highest incline (15), alternating walking at a 4 mph pace, with some running.
  • Interval training is supposedly the best type of cardio you can do in terms of torching calories and increasing the metabolic rate. Yawhoo for that!
  • I finished my workout, by skipping the elevator ride, and walked up 24 flights of stairs. Another 4-5 mins.

I decided to do a beauty featured post this morning on hair!

I have been in a hair rut for a long time now and a couple weeks ago I decided it was time to spruce my hair up a little before heading off to work in the morning.

Below is a current hair style that I am doing on some mornings when I have a few minutes extra to spare.

1) After showering and letting my hair air dry for about 15-20 minutes (its long and needs it!), I blow dry my hair by brushing it with a flat brush in all directions. Forward, to each side, backward, etc. This is supposed to create more shine.

2) Next I take a section of hair at the front and brush it forward so it comes down over my eyes. I take a comb and tease the hair at the base (this gives some nice volume!). Then I brush it backward and insert 2 bobby pins.

3) Now, its time to curl. I use a professional Rusk curling iron and it is amazing. Very hot and sets the curl well.

and curl….

and curl…


The hair spray…


LOL…not sure what happened to my feet/legs in that pic?! Eric??

This hair style took me under 15 minutes in total. Who says you can’t find the time to add something new to your routine? :)

Ever since I have been styling my hair a bit differently, I have been getting compliments at work. It is amazing the ‘bounce-in-your-step’ it can give you- especially on a dreary Monday morning!

Apparently, Sketchie still thinks it is Halloween!


I swear if I had a dime for every time my cat did something weird

Check out our awesome weather the next few days!!! I can’t wait to run in this gorgeous sunshine!

Have a great Monday everyone…see you later!

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Anou November 3, 2008

Hey ! I just discovered your blog and look forward to reading more ! I m from Montreal so i completely feel you about the weather lol. The hair looks great too! have a nice day


Angela November 3, 2008

Hey Anou Welcome fellow Canadian to my blog!! :D I hope you are having warmer than usual weather too in Montreal! It sure helps with the mood, doesn’t it?


Leah November 3, 2008

Looks very pretty! Reminds me of how I did my hair for the wedding I went to a few weeks ago!

How often would you say you go to the gym in the condo compared to going outside for a run? And do you mainly use the treadmill or do you switch it up with the elliptical or stepper?


Angela November 3, 2008

Hey Leah! Your hair do was actually the inspiration for me to start curling my hair again! I used to do it almost everyday years ago, and then I got out of the habit. I loved how you did your hair for the wedding. Its a nice change once and a while, eh?

About the indoor vs. outdoor question- I tend to do indoor workouts during the work week because it is quick to get to the gym in my building and I am ALWAYS pressed for time in the morning. I can’t workout after work though, I am just too exhausted after a long day. I am definitely a morning workout person! I like to use my weekends for getting outside because I have more time and I can plan my run around when it will be warmest outside. However, this week is supposed to be warm so I may get out for a run or two outside during the week. We shall see!

As for my indoor workouts, I tend to stick to the treadmill because I find it the most challenging. We don’t have a stair master, but if we did I would alternate with that because I find it to be a great workout as well.


priyankalovesfood December 18, 2008

Hey Angela! I just discovered your site and I am so happy I did! You have some fantastic information out here and Thanks for sharing your life moments with us. I had a question does the hair curling/rolling work for poker straight hair. I mean I can never style my hair coz’ they never stay styled and I am such a huge fan of varying my hairstyle!

Could you suggest a good hair curler & hair spray?

Thanks again!



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